Reflections on Europe

edited by Dennis L. Bark
Tuesday, September 30, 1997

These reflections on interrelated issues of concern to Europe and America by five distinguished authors from England, France, Germany, and the United States address complex questions in a post—cold war world.

What are the issues of national interest, national security, and national defense that face Europe and the United States, separately and together? Does NATO have a future and, if so, what kind? How will future conflicts on the continent be dealt with and by whom? Is the need for alliance over? Has it been replaced by the United Nations?

Are England, France, and Germany the leaders of post—cold war Europe? What role will each play as the European Union expands? Turkey, the neglected pillar of the Mediterranean, is also a member of NATO. What role does it have to play, caught between the history of Europe and the Middle East?

Are the real "faces of Russia" at the end of the twentieth century communism, capitalism and freedom?

Copyright 1997.