Shaping a New Economic Relationship: The Republic of Korea and the United States

Wednesday, September 1, 1993

Understanding how American and Korean officials managed economic relations between their two countries has relevance for negotiations between the United States and other East Asian trading partners, particularly Japan. Korea-U.S. cooperation provides lessons for further improvement of their ongoing relationship, perhaps leading to a full-fledged free trade agreement. These essays originated form the U.S.-Korea Economic Relations Conference, held at the Hoover Institution at Stanford in 1991. The authors are experts in the international and political economy of East Asia. Jongryn Mo and Ramon H. Myers organized the conference with significant support from the Korea Foundation and the Posco Educational Foundation. Jongryn Mo is an assistant professor of government at the University of Texas at Austin and a research fellow at the Hoover Institution. Ramon H. Myers is a senior fellow and curator-scholar of East Asian Studies at the Hoover Institution.

Copyright 1993.