On 30 July, the Central Committee announced that General Guo Boxiong, who served as vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission between 2002 and 2012, was expelled from the Chinese Communist Party and handed over to prosecutors for accepting bribes “on his own and through his family” for “aiding in the promotion” of PLA officers.  Guo’s expulsion comes one year after similar charges against his fellow CMC vice-chair Xu Caihou, who died of bladder cancer in March 2015.  This article examines the charges against Guo, places them in the context of the larger anti-corruption campaign within the PLA, and assesses their implications for Xi Jinping’s relationship with the military and for party-army relations. 


So Crooked They Have to Screw Their Pants On—Part 3: The Guo Boxiong Edition

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