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The Tab Comes Due in 2011

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and both the elder and younger George Bush all found the third and fourth years Of their presidencies harder than the first and second. The nation and the world grew tired of their speechmaking. The novelty of a new commander-in-chief faded; Poll numbers went south. The same thing is now happening to President Obama on a variety of fronts.

Democrats assured voters that We would love Obamacare once the new federal Health-care plan was at last implemented. Republican critics warned that we Would like it even less once we saw it unfold. We will soon find out who is right, as the four-year implementation Begins in earnest in 2011. But if 100 organizations and Corporations have already obtained exemptions From the Obama Administration, how many more will seek to avoid the new law in 2011?

Something also has to give on the budget this year.

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