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The Tea Party is Mainstream Despite Everything You Hear

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Democrat politicians paint the Tea Party as an extreme fringe of American politics. Vice President Joe Biden famously described Tea Party Republicans as “terrorists.” According to Democrat Sen. Jay Rockefeller, the Tea Party are “extremists” who have “hijacked” the Republican Party.  Other Democrats are less restrained, telling us: The Tea Party is like the Nazis or KKK, is a serious threat to our national security, and Tea Party members should “go straight to hell.”  Some even whisper the Tea Party “wants to lynch blacks.”

Establishment figures condescendingly describe the Tea Party as “an amorphous collection of individuals” which includes “affluent suburban libertarians, rural fundamentalists, ambitious pundits, unreconstructed racists, and fiscally conservative housewives.” They shudder to consider: What would happen to our foreign policy if those hicks got in charge!

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