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The Quest for Cosmic Justice

by Thomas Sowellvia Hoover Digest
Sunday, January 30, 2000

If we could create the universe from scratch, we’d all make sure that no one ever suffered misfortunes or disadvantages. The problem is that we don’t get to create the universe from scratch. Hoover fellow Thomas Sowell argues that the quest for cosmic justice is ultimately at odds with the administration of true justice.

A System Gone Bad

by Daniel P. Kesslervia Hoover Digest
Sunday, January 30, 2000

America’s liability laws are completely irrational—for everyone but trial lawyers. Hoover fellow Daniel Kessler on ways to restore the system to at least a modicum of sanity.

The Flashpoint at the Bottom of the Balkans

by William Ratliffvia Hoover Digest
Sunday, January 30, 2000

Cyprus has been one of Europe's tinderboxes for years. Could peace finally be at hand? Hoover fellow William Ratliff reports.

The Present Threat

by Abraham D. Sofaer, Sidney D. Drell, George D. Wilsonvia Hoover Digest
Sunday, January 30, 2000

The threat of biological and chemical weapons is already upon us—and in some ways is even more grave than the threat of nuclear weapons. A report by Hoover fellows Sidney D. Drell, Abraham D. Sofaer, and George D. Wilson.

The War America Lost

by Joseph D. McNamaravia Hoover Digest
Sunday, January 30, 2000

The war on drugs hasn’t just failed to reduce drug use, it has actually made matters worse. Hoover fellow Joseph D. McNamara on why we should call the drug war off.

The Lost Decade

by Charles Hillvia Hoover Digest
Sunday, January 30, 2000

The end of the Cold War presented a rich array of opportunities to make the world freer, safer, and more stable. The Clinton administration has squandered them. Hoover fellow Charles Hill explains what this administration has done wrong—and what the next one must do right.

Where’s the Rest of Him?

by Peter M. Robinsonvia Hoover Digest
Sunday, January 30, 2000

Just how bad is Edmund Morris’s new biography of Ronald Reagan? Very, very, very—well, you get the idea. Hoover fellow Peter Robinson weighs in.

In the Balkans to Stay

by Arnold Beichmanvia Hoover Digest
Sunday, January 30, 2000

We’re doomed to spend the next decade or more policing the Balkans. Hoover fellow Arnold Beichman explains why.

Trickle-Down Economics (and We Mean Trickle)

by Terry Anderson, Clay J. Landryvia Hoover Digest
Sunday, January 30, 2000

Thanks to government overregulation, the distribution of water in much of the United States is grossly inefficient. Hoover fellow Terry L. Anderson and Clay J. Landry offer a plan that would lead to more efficient water use, discourage wasteful overconsumption, and lessen the impact of droughts.

The Case for Vouchers

by Paul E. Petersonvia Hoover Digest
Sunday, January 30, 2000

Critics argue vouchers would make the income and racial disparities in our schools even worse. Paul E. Peterson reports on a pilot program in San Antonio, Texas, that proves them wrong.