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A comprehensive listing

via Hoover Digest
Sunday, April 30, 2000

A comprehensive listing of recent writings of Hoover fellows and publications from the Hoover Press.

The Little Engine That Could

by Chester E. Finn Jr., Bruno V. Manno, Gregg Vanourekvia Hoover Digest
Sunday, April 30, 2000

Although few in number, charter schools represent a powerful engine for reforming our entire system of public education. By Hoover fellow Chester Finn Jr. and his coauthors Bruno Manno and Gregg Vanourek.

Crime Goes High Tech

by Abraham D. Sofaervia Hoover Digest
Sunday, April 30, 2000

The crime stats for cyberspace are up—way up. Hoover fellow Abraham D. Sofaer explains how to battle the recent rash of cybercrime.

Still the Exceptional Nation?

by Seymour Martin Lipsetvia Hoover Digest
Sunday, April 30, 2000

As social democratic parties the world over shift toward the free market, the differences between the United States and other Western democracies are growing increasingly narrow. Does it still make sense to speak of the United States as the exceptional nation? By Hoover fellow Seymour Martin Lipset.

In God We Trust

by Michael Novakvia Hoover Digest
Sunday, April 30, 2000

The history books tell us that the founders of this country were heavily influenced by the principles of the Enlightenment. True enough. But the history books neglect an influence that proved even more important—religious principles. Michael Novak explains.

The Specter Haunting Russia

by Robert Conquestvia Hoover Digest
Sunday, April 30, 2000

Hoover fellow Robert Conquest explains why Russia’s past, present, and future remain dangerously intertwined. “The collapse of communism has left a heritage of ruin.”

Blundering toward a Second Cold War?

by Charles Hillvia Hoover Digest
Sunday, April 30, 2000

The Cold War has been over for nearly a decade, yet tensions between the United States on the one hand and Russia and China on the other remain extremely high. Hoover fellow Charles Hill explains how we can avoid a second Cold War.

How Home Schooling Will Change Public Education

by Paul T. Hillvia Hoover Digest
Sunday, April 30, 2000

More than 1.2 million students are now being taught at home, more students than are enrolled in the entire New York City public school system. Hoover fellow Paul T. Hill reports on the pros and cons of learning at home—and the effects home schooling will have on public schools.

Covert Operations, Now More Than Ever

by Thomas H. Henriksenvia Hoover Digest
Sunday, April 30, 2000

With its increased reliance on high-tech “smart” bombs, Washington seems to have forgotten a much less costly, more humane, and often more effective form of warfare—the covert operation. By Hoover fellow Thomas H. Henriksen.

What Price Pollution? Let the Market Figure It Out

by Gary S. Beckervia Hoover Digest
Sunday, April 30, 2000

Hoover fellow and Nobel laureate Gary S. Becker explains why the Kyoto Protocol, which is intended to reduce worldwide greenhouse emissions, may actually increase pollution.