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Understanding the Social Security Trustees Report

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Spendthrift teenager Billy Jones sits at the kitchen table, proudly examining a piece of paper.

“Why are you so happy, Billy?” asks his skeptical eight-year old sister, Suzy.

“Because today I am updating the balance on my Social Security Trust Fund and my Social Security credit card,” replies Billy.

“Wait, I thought you had terrible credit,” asks Suzy.  “Is this a real credit card, like the one you use when your allowance runs out and you keep spending money?”

“Well, no.  Technically this is more like an American Express card.  It looks just like a credit card, but I have to pay the full balance immediately every time I use it.  There’s no credit line attached to it, and it doesn’t let me borrow.  But I like to pretend it’s a real credit card.”

Suzy sighs.  “You have this AmEx-like card, and you call it your Social Security Card, right?” asks Suzy.

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