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Victor Davis Hanson: At Home And Abroad After Obama

via Hoover Institution
Tuesday, February 2, 2016
Victor Davis Hanson

Hoover Institution fellow Victor Davis Hanson discusses deterrence in terms of world affairs and especially after Obama.

Deterrence is a clear display of overwhelming military strength, and the real probability of being willing to use it, so it reminds would-be aggressors not to start stupid conflicts — given that the possibility of winning something through war is overshadowed by the risk of losing far more. A world where everyone knows the unspoken rules as well as the moral and material relative strength and weakness of the various nations is a safer place for all involved.

To restore the Western-inspired postwar order and hold chaos at bay, the next president will have to restore deterrence, both materially and psychologically. And that will be one difficult and dangerous endeavor — made worse by shrill attacks coming from those who have done so much to lose it. If the Obama administration cannot keep speak softly and carry a big stick, then at least it should keep quiet—and quit egging on those it cannot or will not deter.