Senior officials from the Department of Defense, the National Security Council, the Department of Commerce, and the intelligence community joined other US government agency officials, Hoover Institution director Condoleezza Rice and scholars from the Hoover fellowship, Stanford University scientists and engineers, and technology industry leaders at the fifth annual Tech Track 2 Symposium, hosted by Hoover’s Technology, Economics, and Governance Working Group. The event took place on November 28, 2023.

Chaired by Senior Fellow Amy Zegart, visiting fellow Raj Shah,and visiting scholar Michael Brown, the symposium focused on strengthening ties between government officials, academics, and the tech industry. Following the launch of the Stanford Emerging Technology Review, speakers examined the potentials of both artificial intelligence and space technologies, including what their advancements mean for economic prosperity, their most urgent risks, and how the United States and its allies should consider governing how such technologies are applied.

Attendees also discussed working across their respective sectors to develop robust economic statecraft strategies, with the aim of bolstering the United States in its geopolitical competition with China, and to help achieve US national security and defense goals.

Hoover fellows provided material insights to defense leaders on these issues, and all parties indicated a desire to continue building ties between US government leadership, academia, Silicon Valley, and the rest of the private sector.

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