On January 14, 2023, the Hoover Institution hosts a one-day conference, The Legitimacy of Administrative Law. This conference is part of Hoover’s Revitalizing American Institutions research initiative. It explores the proper role of administrative agencies in the American constitutional order in light of recent Supreme Court decisions that have questioned and sought to rethink basic elements of administrative law, including the nondelegation doctrine, Chevron deference, administrative adjudication, standing, removal, and more. 

By Invitation Only

Time Content Presenters Commentator

8:15 AM




8:45 AM

Welcome: Jack Goldsmith, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution



9:00 AM

The Administrative State, Inside Out by Cass Sunstein

Presenter: Cass Sunstein, Harvard University Law School

Commentator: Aditya Bamzai, University of Virginia School of Law

Commentator: Adam White, American Enterprise Institute & GMU’s Gray Center for the Study of the Administrative State

10:15 AM




10:45 AM

Administrative Harm by Philip Hamburger

Presenter: Philip Hamburger, Columbia University Law School

Commentator: Julian Mortenson, University of Michigan Law School

Commentator: David Engstrom, Stanford University Law School

12:00 PM




1:00 PM

Power Corrupts by Emily Bremer

Presenter: Emily Bremer, University of Notre Dame Law School

Commentator: Anne Joseph O’Connell, Stanford University Law School

Commentator: Ronald Levin, Washington University in St. Louis School of Law

2:15 PM




2:30 PM

West Virginia v. EPA: Right Diagnosis, Wrong Remedy by Thomas W. Merrill

Presenter: Thomas W. Merrill, Columbia Law School

Commentator: John Harrison, University of Virginia, School of Law

Commentator: Katherine Mims Crocker, William & Mary Law School

3:45 PM

Q & A session



4:30 PM

Conclusion of program




Other Conference Participants:

Brandice Canes-Wrone

Tom Clark

Sherif Girgis

Daniel Kessler

Jennifer Mascott

Michael McConnell

Tyler Moore

Keith Whittington

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