Policy Seminar with Charles Calomiris

Friday, May 31, 2019
Annenberg Conference Room, Lou Henry Hoover Building

Charles Calomiris, John Cochrane, Paul Gregory, John Gunn, Bob Hall, Laurie Hodrick, Bob Hodrick, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Charles Leung, David Mulford, Elena Pastorino, Paul Peterson, Josh Rauh, Tom Stephenson, John Taylor, Ramin Toloui

Charles Calomiris, Distinguished Visiting Fellow at Hoover, Henry Kaufman Professor of Financial Institutions at Columbia Business School, Director of the Business School’s Program for Financial Studies and its Initiative on Finance and Growth in Emerging Markets, and Professor at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs, discussed “Monetary Policy and Exchange Rate Returns: Time-Varying Risk Regimes.”

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