Telling China’s Story: The Chinese Communist Party’s Campaign To Shape Global Narratives

Tuesday, July 28, 2020
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Please enjoy the video below with the Hoover Institution and the Stanford Internet Observatory discussing their joint white paper on China’s Full-Spectrum Information Operations.

Telling China’s Story: The Chinese Communist Party’s Campaign To Shape Global Narratives 
Tuesday, July 28, 2020 at 12:30PM PT.

Much of the attention to state-sponsored influence practices in recent years has focused on social media activity, particularly as social network companies have announced takedowns of accounts linked to state-backed operations. However, state-sponsored operations are broader than social media. Countries including Russia, China and Iran have demonstrated the ability to operate a full-spectrum capability set that spans both traditional and social media ecosystems. This new white paper examines China’s covert and overt influence capabilities in the context of modern information operations.


H.R. McMasterFouad and Michelle Ajami Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution


Renée DiResta, Technical Research Manager, Stanford Internet Observatory 
Carly Miller, Social Science Research Professional, Stanford Internet Observatory 
Vanessa Molter, Graduate Research Assistant, Stanford Internet Observatory
John Pomfret, Former Beijing bureau chief for the Washington Post 
Glenn Tiffert, Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution


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