Civic events and the pandemic have made the nation aware of the state of public K-12 education like never before.  How can public schools be improved as we move forward.  Members of the Hoover Education Success Initiative shared the challenges, opportunities and risks in this six-part webinar series, Re-Booting K-12 Education in the Post-Pandemic Era.

In case you missed it, please visit the links below to watch each event in the fall 2021 speaker series.

SEPTEMBER 15Will increasing teacher pay harm students?
Momentum is growing for significant increases to teachers' salaries.  Can we be certain in the post-COVID world that the plan would lead to positive outcomes?


SEPTEMBER 22Can we stop the clock? Replacing seat time with mastery
Every student who has ever watched the clock during class knows that seat time does not equal learning.  The impact of COVID on student academic progress makes it more important than ever to refocus on how well students master the learning standards.  The good work of several educators show us how this can be done. 


SEPTEMBER 29Fourth estate or fifth wheel? The role of the media in education reform
The general media is the primary source of information about efforts to improve public education in the U.S.  Can they serve a critical role in the recovery of public education from COVID?  Do we need to watch the watchdogs?


OCTOBER 6Can we choose our way to better schools?
Nearly three decades have been spent promoting school choice as a vehicle for improved academics and equity.  COVID introduced new urgency into the need for options to meet the needs of students.  Can school choice carry the day?


OCTOBER 13Who needs to be “in the room where it happens” to improve US K-12 schools?
Until now, education insiders haven't needed a program to identify the players.  After school closures, remote learning, hybrid models and other adaptations, COVID has raised awareness of the challenges of US K-12 education as never before.  New stakeholders are on the scene and plan to remain.


OCTOBER 20Has school accountability outlived its shelf life?
One of the earliest casualties of the COVID-related school closures was school accountability for academic results, and many education leaders want it to stay that way.  How do we assure families, students and communities that their schools are fully serving their role?  What options are possible and which are politically infeasible?


The Hoover Education Success Initiative (HESI) focuses on providing state leaders with sound research-based recommendations to improve education in America.

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