Declassified Documents from Hoover Collections Available

Thursday, November 11, 2010
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More than 650 U.S. government records from nearly thirty different archival collections at Hoover have been declassified. The collections were created by diplomatic, military, and other government officials. Several of them, including James B. Donovan, Millard Preston Goodfellow, and Norwood F. Allman, worked for the Office of Strategic Services during World War II. The papers of Robert C. Hill, an American diplomat whose public career spanned the 1950s to the 1970s, contain the largest number of declassified items.

Since 2001, a government team has been visiting the Hoover Archives to scan security-classified records, which are then reviewed by the relevant federal agencies. Some records were released in full, others in part, and some remain classified. The newly declassified records now available are the first set of declassified materials to have been returned to Hoover. As scanning continues and government agencies continue their review, more declassified documents will become available, a process that is likely to take years.

The relevant collections are listed below. The declassified materials are available on a computer workstation in the reading room.

Allman (Norwood F.) papers
Armour (Lester) papers
Baumer (William Henry) papers
Civil Affairs Training School records
Cooke (Charles Maynard) papers
Currie (Lauchlin Bernard) papers
Donovan (James B.) papers
Emmet (Christopher Temple) papers
Eveland (Wilbur) papers
Frillmann (Paul) papers
Goodfellow (Millard Preston) papers
Green (Marshall) papers
Hill (Charles) papers
Hill (Robert Charles) papers
Iklé (Fred Charles) papers
Jones (Howard Palfrey) papers
Judd (Walter Henry) papers
Kennedy (Richard Thomas) papers
Lindsay (Franklin) papers
Malek (Frederic V.) papers
Miles (Milton E.) papers
Murphy (Robert D.) papers and incremental materials
Nutter (G. Warren) writings
Office of Strategic Services/Dept. of State miscellaneous records
Office of Strategic Services miscellaneous records
Smith (Edward Ellis) papers
Smith (R. Harris) papers