New Hoover Press Book Eyes Global Media Crisis

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Hoover Institution, Stanford University
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Hoover Press
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Hoover Press

In the new Hoover Institution Press book, Spin Wars & Spy Games: Global Media and Intelligence Gathering, author Markos Kounalakis analyzes the shifting tides of our global news media infrastructure, and how state sponsored news outlets in places like Russia and China are eclipsing independent journalism in Western nations.

A visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution and former international correspondent, Kounalakis bases his findings on interviews with dozens of foreign correspondents, editors, policy experts, and academics. His book shows how Western journalists have been instrumental to the policymaking community, yet how their practices are endangered by the influx of non-Western and state-sponsored global news outlets.

Spin Wars & Spy Games sheds light on why countries like Russia and China invest heavily in their news media, and how global news networks operate in conjunction with state strategy and diplomatic sensitivity.

Kounalakis is president and publisher emeritus of the Washington Monthly and writes a foreign affairs column for the The Sacramento Bee and McClatchy-Tribune News. He is a political scientist who studies international relations.

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