Decision 2016: National Security

Middle East: The Strategic Landscape for the Next Administration 
By Russell Berman

This Caravan provides a compelling map of the significant challenges the US faces in the region as well as the opportunities to pursue a strategy to reestablish and maintain preeminence. Whatever the outcome of this extraordinary presidential election may be, the next administration will face significant challenges, especially in the Middle East.

In Syria, Kerry Capitulates to Russia, Assad, and Iran
Kori Schake

Reduction of violence should not be the sole — not even the principal — objective in warfare.

Is Deference Really Safer than Deterrence? 
By Victor Davis Hanson 

Beware international affairs the next five months, a dangerous period for America.

Dispatch Havana 
by Kori Schake

Obama’s realignment with Cuba marked a high point in his presidency, but the future looks bleak for our southern neighbor. 

Explains how Russia became a Major Theme in the US Presidential Race  
By Michael McFaul

Russia has become one of the major themes of this year's presidential contest in the United States. While questions about domestic policy typically dominate the race to the White House, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the biggest media outlets in the US have regularly focused on Vladimir Putin, the annexation of Crimea, and various acts by Russian intelligence agencies.

Blueprint for American Security  
By Kori Schake and General James Mattis and General James Ellis

Russia invades Ukraine, shaking the post-World War II European order. China chips away at others’ sovereignty in Asia. The war in Iraq, nearly won by 2010, and the war in Afghanistan grind on. Terrorism seems everywhere metastasizing. If the world feels more dangerous to you, it should.

Mr. Trump, NATO is an Alliance, Not a Protection Racket 
by Micahel McFaul 

In his recent interview with the New York Times, Donald Trump warned that the United States would defend only NATO allies who have “fulfilled their obligations to us.” He made clear that he sees allies as business partners, and relationships with them in transactional terms: Pay up or we won’t protect you.

What Russia's DNC Hack Tells Us About Hillary Clinton's Private Email Server
By Paul Gregory

If Russian intelligence had hacked Clinton’s private server in early March of 2013 (or before), the Kremlin would have the trove of “private” emails Clinton destroyed and that U.S. officialdom and the public have never seen.

Will Orlando Change Anything?
By Dr. Thomas Sowell

America's great good fortune in the past has been that Americans have been able to unite as Americans against every enemy, despite our own internal differences and struggles. Black and white, Jew and Gentile, have fought and died for this country in every war. It has not been our diversity, but our ability to overcome the problems inherent in diversity, and to act together as Americans, that has been our strength.

Defense Policy Challenges For The Next President
By Kori Schake

Kori Schake discusses the evolving threats to US interests that are waiting for the next presidential administration.

The End of Modernity
By Charles Hill

When it should act, America hesitates—and around the world, hard-won freedoms slip away.

Missile Defense Makes Sense
By Frederick W. Kagan

How outdated strategic thinking is leaving us wide open.

Typologies Of Terrorism
By Mark Moyar

Ideologies can be defeated over time through containment rather than through destruction, as occurred in the case of Communism

Missile Defense Makes Sense
By Frederick W. Kagan

How outdated strategic thinking is leaving us wide open.

The American Way of Refuge
By Kori Schake

Offering sanctuary to Syrian exiles is both compassionate and wise—and just might give the United States a chance for a regional “reset.”

Escape From Gitmo
By Jane Harman and Jack Goldsmith

The legal path out of our long Guantánamo nightmare.

Weak, In Review
By Amy Zegart

When the Cold War ended, strategists became distracted by the dangers of the “weak state.” Powerful adversaries used the opportunity to grow even more powerful.