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Alexander Lukashuk


Alexander Lukashuk was an Osher Fellow at the Hoover Institution during 2000 and is acting director of Radio Free Afghanistan. While conducting research for this article, Lukashuk, who is Belarusian, was surprised to find the names of his forebears listed among the recipients of ARA aid among the documents housed in the Hoover Institution Archives.

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The Adventures of the ARA in Minsk

by Alexander Lukashukvia Hoover Digest
Saturday, April 30, 2005

From 1920 to 1923, a group of Americans working for the American Relief Administration, an organization directed by Herbert Hoover, helped provide famine relief in the war-torn Soviet republic of Belarus. Their efforts have now been largely forgotten, but journalist Alexander Lukashuk has made use of the extensive collection of ARA letters and documents housed in the Hoover Archives as well as in Belarusian archives to tell their story.