Niall Ferguson

Milbank Family Senior Fellow

Niall Ferguson, MA, D.Phil., is the Milbank Family Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, and a senior fellow of the Center for European Studies, Harvard, where he served for twelve years as the Laurence A. Tisch Professor of History. He is also a visiting professor at Tsinghua University, Beijing, and the Diller-von Furstenberg Family Foundation Distinguished Scholar at the Nitze School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, DC. He is the author of fifteen books, most recently The Square and the Tower. His previous book, Kissinger, 1923-1968: The Idealist, won the Council on Foreign Relations Arthur Ross Prize. He is an award-making filmmaker, too, having won an international Emmy for his PBS series The Ascent of Money. His many other prizes include the Benjamin Franklin Prize for Public Service (2010), the Hayek Prize for Lifetime Achievement (2012) and the Ludwig Erhard Prize for Economic Journalism (2013). In addition to writing a weekly column for the Sunday Times (London) and the Boston Globe, he is the founder and managing director of Greenmantle LLC, an advisory firm. He also serves on the board of Affiliated Managers Group. His new book, The Square and the Tower, in published in the U.S. in January.

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Recent Commentary


Niall Ferguson On The Remnant With Jonah Goldberg

interview with Niall Fergusonvia The Remnant with Jonah Goldberg
Monday, August 26, 2019

Hoover Institution fellow Niall Ferguson discusses how the West grew rich, the problems with contemporary historical scholarship, and other weighty issues.


Predicting A Recession? Might As Well Predict The Weather

by Niall Fergusonvia Boston Globe
Monday, August 19, 2019

Edward Lorenz, the pioneer of chaos theory, famously suggested that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil could set off a tornado in Texas. Even a tiny disturbance, he argued, can have huge effects in a complex system governed by nonlinear relationships.


No, This Isn’t The Fall Of Rome

by Niall Fergusonvia Boston Globe
Monday, August 12, 2019

“A republic, madam — if you can keep it.” That was supposedly Benjamin Franklin’s reply to a woman who asked him the result of the Constitutional Convention after it adjourned, in 1787.

In the News

New Scramble For Africa: Africa Will Be Next Major Battlefield In ‘Cold War’ Between The US And China, Experts Say

quoting Niall Fergusonvia The Sun
Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Africa looks set to be the next major battlefield in an emerging "Cold War" between the US and China, experts have claimed.



Trump’s Crazy Tariffs Have Outfoxed The Fed

by Niall Fergusonvia Boston Globe
Monday, August 5, 2019

There was a time, in the aftermath of the financial crisis, when central bankers were “the only game in town.” In a book with that title, published in January 2016, economist Mohamed El-Erian warned that, with their exotic crisis-fighting measures —zero interest rates, quantitative easing, forward guidance — the central bankers risked over-reaching.


Niall Ferguson: Trump's China Stance 'Woke America Up' To Potential 'Cold War II'

interview with Niall Fergusonvia Fox News
Sunday, August 4, 2019

Hoover Institution fellow Niall Ferguson discusses President Trump's tough stance against China and the Sino-American trade imbalance that has alerted the American public to the second Cold War with China. Ferguson notes that China is both an economic and strategic threat.


Niall Ferguson: What The Future Holds For China

interview with Niall Fergusonvia Chatham House
Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Hoover Institution fellow Niall Ferguson discusses how the world will adapt to China becoming a superpower.

In the News

State Department 230th Anniversary Celebration

interview with George P. Shultz, Condoleezza Rice, Niall Ferguson, Henry A. Kissingervia C-SPAN
Monday, July 29, 2019

On July 27, 1789, the Department of State became the first US government executive branch department to be established. Hoover Institution fellows George Shultz, Condoleezza Rice, Niall Ferguson, and Henry Kissinger celebrate the 230th anniversary of the State Department. 


Niall Ferguson: Trump's 2020 Strategy

interview with Niall Fergusonvia CNN
Monday, July 29, 2019

Hoover Institution fellow Niall Ferguson discusses a potential deal with China, as well as other foreign policy successes, which Ferguson believes will tee up an election victory in 2020 for President Trump.

Analysis and Commentary

Is Boris Johnson A Winston Churchill As Rewritten By Monty Python?

by Niall Fergusonvia The Boston Globe
Monday, July 29, 2019

‘Hegel remarks somewhere that all great world-historic facts and personages appear, so to speak, twice,” Karl Marx wrote in a justly famous passage from his essay “The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon.” “He forgot to add: the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.”