Niall Ferguson

Milbank Family Senior Fellow

Niall Ferguson, MA, D.Phil., is the Milbank Family Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, and a senior fellow of the Center for European Studies, Harvard, where he served for twelve years as the Laurence A. Tisch Professor of History. He is also a visiting professor at Tsinghua University, Beijing, and the Diller-von Furstenberg Family Foundation Distinguished Scholar at the Nitze School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, DC. He is the author of fifteen books, most recently The Square and the Tower. His previous book, Kissinger, 1923-1968: The Idealist, won the Council on Foreign Relations Arthur Ross Prize. He is an award-making filmmaker, too, having won an international Emmy for his PBS series The Ascent of Money. His many other prizes include the Benjamin Franklin Prize for Public Service (2010), the Hayek Prize for Lifetime Achievement (2012) and the Ludwig Erhard Prize for Economic Journalism (2013). In addition to writing a weekly column for the Sunday Times (London) and the Boston Globe, he is the founder and managing director of Greenmantle LLC, an advisory firm. He also serves on the board of Affiliated Managers Group. His new book, The Square and the Tower, in published in the U.S. in January.

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Recent Commentary

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China Is The 'Absolute Winner' In AI Today

quoting Niall Fergusonvia Financial Review
Tuesday, March 5, 2019

The founder and chief executive of Everledger, Leanne Kemp, has a unique view on the emerging conflict between the United States and China over technological supremacy - in which China could have the upper hand.


US And China Locked In Cold War 2.0, Historian Niall Ferguson Warns

interview with Niall Fergusonvia ABC News (AU)
Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Hoover Institution fellow Niall Ferguson discusses whether the world is entering a new Cold War as China and the US go head-to-head for the title of dominant economic superpower.

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Security Should Come First In Choices Over China: Costelloa

quoting Niall Fergusonvia The Canberra Times
Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Future Fund chairman Peter Costello said security concerns should ultimately outweigh economic issues in Australia's relationship with China, if the nation were ever forced to choose between the two. With China's role attracting growing scrutiny from security agencies in recent years, Mr Costello said there had been a broad shift in how China was viewed since he was federal treasurer, between 1996 and 2007.

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US-China Cold War Far From Over

featuring Niall Fergusonvia Financial Review
Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Sometimes it takes a person of the world to make Australia's position so starkly clear. So it was that on the opening morning of The Australian Financial Review's Business Summit, economic historian Niall Ferguson – with his Scottish accent, Irish first name, United States passport and proudly Australian boots – explained the long-term choice facing Australia and its politicians.

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History Suggests The Fed Shouldn't Have Paused Rate Hikes

quoting Niall Fergusonvia Financial Review
Tuesday, March 5, 2019

What the hell is going on at the Fed? In December chairman Jay Powell raised rates for the fourth time, and seemed determined to keep lifting rates come hell or high water. The calamitous final few months in markets in 2018 was to a large degree down to investors finally getting to the grips with the fact that the Fed was not about to ride in and save them.

Analysis and Commentary

Trump’s Future On The Menu

by Niall Fergusonvia Boston Globe
Monday, March 4, 2019

In the entrance to the US Senate Members’ Dining Room, there’s an old menu from March 24, 1941. On the back, presumably to record a bet, seven senators wrote the dates when they thought their country would enter World War II. Theodore G. Bilbo, a Democrat from Mississippi, thought “never.” So did D. Worth Clark, one of the two senators from Idaho. Millard Tydings of Maryland guessed either July 14, 1941 “or 1961.” A fourth senator thought Sept. 17, 1945.

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The North Korean Economy Is Growing More Capitalist

quoting Niall Fergusonvia Bloomberg Quint
Saturday, March 2, 2019

There was a long history of smuggling American jeans, particularly Levi 501s, in the Soviet Union, but by the last decade of its existence it became a mania. And the only way to get them was the underground market; as Niall Ferguson once wrote: “Why could the Soviets not replicate Levi 501’s the way they had replicated the atomic bomb?” 

In the News

GBP To Canadian Dollar Rate Flat As US-China Trade Talks Fail To Progress

quoting Niall Fergusonvia Exchange Rates
Thursday, February 28, 2019

The Pound Canadian Dollar (GBP/CAD) exchange rate is holding steady today and is currently trading around CA$1.7522 on the inter-bank market. The Canadian Dollar (CAD) has lost some of its gains following yesterday’s printing of the Bank of Canada’s year-on-year CPI figures for January, which decreased to 1.5%.


U.S. Trade Deal With China Will Not Give Trump Leverage In North Korea Talks, Says Niall Ferguson

interview with Niall Fergusonvia CNBC
Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Hoover Institution fellow Niall Ferguson discusses global markets following news that US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said a US–China trade agreement is not close to being finalized.


Hate Crimes And Fake Crimes

by Niall Fergusonvia The Boston Globe
Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Hate crimes happen. I don’t much like the term, but let’s accept that it as modern shorthand for criminal acts, usually of violence, motivated by some form of prejudice, be it racial, religious, sexual, or otherwise.