The George P. Shultz Task Force on Energy and Climate takes a balanced approach toward sustaining the economic, environmental, and security dimensions of energy policy.

The Task Force’s goal in carrying forward Secretary Shultz’s legacy, as established more than fifteen years ago, is to continue his nonpartisan, temperate, and problem-solving approach towards energy and climate questions of U.S. national importance: with balance, so that policies can be sustained over political cycles to match the large scale and long timeframes at which the energy world operates; with clarity in appraisals of complex systems; and with a constructive voice, favoring pragmatic steps in the right direction today so as to not get lost in the distance of time or rhetoric. 

Co-chaired by Arun Majumdar and Amb. Thomas F. Stephenson, the Task Force convenes periodically to respond to emergent energy problems. And it organizes ad hoc expert and practitioner work groups to identify sector-specific midterm risks in the energy transformation and to propose novel policies to address them. For information, contact research program manager David Fedor.

Arun Majumdar

Arun Majumdar

Senior Fellow

Dr. Arun Majumdar is the Jay Precourt Provostial Chair Professor at Stanford University, a faculty member of the department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering (by courtesy), and senior fellow and former director of the Precourt Institute for Energy. He is also on faculty in the Department of Photon Science at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.

Thomas F. Stephenson

Thomas F. Stephenson

Hoover Institution chairman of the board of overseers

Thomas Stephenson is a long time partner of Sequoia Capital, a prominent Silicon Valley based venture capital firm. Prior to joining Sequoia in 1988 he spent 22 year at Fidelity Investments in Boston where he helped found Fidelity Ventures in 1969 and later ran that very successful operation for many years. More recently Mr. Stephenson served a 19 month stint as the United States Ambassador to Portugal, 14 months at the end of the Bush ‘43 Administration and then for the first 5 months of the Obama Administration.

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