The vision of the Hoover Wargaming and Crisis Simulation Initiative is to advance wargames, simulations, and their data as analytic tools and learning resources for academia, policy, and industry. WCSI plays a unique role in the wargaming community, serving as a data-centered bridge between traditional wargaming and academia with the aim of expanding the use of wargaming beyond traditional communities and in catalyzing wargaming innovations for both academia and policy.

Three Pillars of the Wargaming & Crisis Simulation Initative
Hoover Wargaming Archive

The Wargaming Archive

The centerpiece of WCSI is Hoover Institution’s Wargaming Archive, a publicly accessible digital repository of wargaming data housed within the Hoover Library and Archives. The wargaming archive features scholar-designed wargames, unclassified and declassified government wargames, and think tank or industry wargames. The archive is designed to be easily searchable across a wide array of substantive and methodological terms, facilitating both large-N analysis and deep case studies. The archive also increases methodological transparency and rigor within the wargaming discipline by hosting wargaming design materials and data for evaluation, replication, and testing. Finally, the archive is a pedagogical resource that provides open source game design and materials for use in the classroom. 

Wargames and Simulation

Running Wargames and Simulations

WCSI runs scholar-designed game series and simulations to help understand some of the biggest academic and policy questions of our time including the US-China relationship, cyber, nuclear weapons, AI, and space.  Previous game series include the International Crisis Wargame Series and the Maritime Crisis Wargame Series.  In addition to running research games, WCSI also uses wargames as training for policymakers and academics, including Hoover Institution’s Congressional Fellowship Program and Governors’ Chief of Staff Program.  All material and data generated through WCSI’s wargames and simulations are stored in Hoover Institution’s open access wargaming archive, which allows these games to be replicated, modified, and used for teaching and training.

Wargaming Community

Fostering the Wargaming Community

WICS facilitates the methodological advancement of wargaming by providing data, resources, and a community of interest for scholars developing best practices for wargaming design and analysis.  In order to build the community, the initiative hosts events that brings together leaders in wargaming, academia, industry, and the policy community; publishes wargaming methodology studies in peer-reviewed articles, periodicals, and books; and hosts and collaborates with academics, policy leaders, and partner institutions on wargaming research.

Featured: International Crisis Wargame
Inernational Crisis Wargame Series

The International Crisis Wargame Series is an experimentally-designed strategic crisis wargame that explores the relationship between new technologies, domestic politics, conventional military capabilities, and nuclear threats.  It was specifically designed to look at the impact of cyber operations on nuclear stability but has more broadly helped researchers better understand the role that emerging technologies play in crisis decision-making and how Cold War paradigms of deterrence and crisis escalation apply in a world with new capabilities and vulnerabilities.

This webpage provides users with the materials needed to teach or host your own wargame. Should you use our materials or are interested in more of this research, please contact ICWG Series lead, Jacquelyn Schneider.

Jacquelyn Schneider

Jacquelyn Schneider

Hoover Fellow

Jacquelyn Schneider is a Hoover Fellow at the Hoover Institution, the Director of the Hoover Wargaming and Crisis Simulation Initiative, and an affiliate with Stanford's Center for International Security and Cooperation. Her research focuses on the intersection of technology, national security, and political psychology with a special interest in cybersecurity, autonomous technologies, wargames, and Northeast Asia. She was previously an Assistant Professor at the Naval War College as well as a senior policy advisor to the Cyberspace Solarium Commission.

Shabnam Farhadi

Shabnam Farhadi

Shabnam Farhadi is a Research Data Archivist at the Hoover Institution's Library and Archives and the lead archivist on the Wargaming Data Archive. Shab has been an information professional for 17 years and is committed to research support services. She holds two Master's degrees, one in Information Technology with a specialty in Information Security and Assurance and another in Library and Information Sciences with a specialty in Library Leadership. Shab has held the positions of Branch Manager within the public library system in Prince George’s County, Maryland; Senior Technical Librarian at a Naval Surface Warfare Center with the Department of the Navy; and Division Chief of Records Management at the Library of Congress. 


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