This year’s presidential election, like past ones, features China and U.S.-China relations as a talking point for candidates from both parties. This article shows that Chinese elite and public views toward Clinton and Trump are varied and divided. Authoritative views tend to be cautious in their commentary on both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. While Trump’s perceived straightforwardness, decisiveness, and strength of character have earned him fans in China, the irrational and irresponsible nature of many of his comments is also well recognized and regarded as a potential threat to stable U.S.-China relations. In comparison, while some Chinese analysts view Clinton’s more predictable and establishment-based foreign policy beliefs as a positive attribute, most Chinese hold very negative views of Clinton’s stance on human rights and maritime security issues, and expect her presidency to pose serious challenges to bilateral relations. 

Chinese Views on the Presumptive U.S. Presidential Candidates Hillary R. Clinton and Donald J. Trump

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