The Economic Club of New York

featuring George P. Shultz
Monday, September 19, 2011

Tonight we’re going to present the first Economic Club of New York Award for Leadership Excellence to George Shultz. The award and prize are going to be given biennially to an individual who has exhibited excellence in leadership in economic policy. The prize committee made up of Roger Ferguson, Glenn Hubbard, Henry Kaufman, Jane Hartley, and Susan Hullin unanimously chose Secretary Shultz as the first recipient of this award. <

The prize and the award are made possible by a generous gift from Pete Peterson, former Chairman of the Economic Club of New York. Pete is a former Commerce Secretary and served in the cabinet with George Shultz. Pete founded Blackstone and started the Peter G. Peterson Foundation. He is one of the first voices in the country to speak out on government overspending. What we’re hearing now, Pete has been saying for years. And we owe him a great debt of gratitude for that and for establishing the gift in Leadership Excellence for the Economic Club. And Pete, thank you very much.

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