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The Growth That Matters Most

by John B. Taylorvia Hoover Digest
Thursday, January 30, 1997

Productivity-the value of goods or services produced per hour of work-is a very important economic indicator. Hoover fellow and Stanford economics professor John B. Taylor argues that, despite the current low levels of inflation and unemployment, productivity growth in the United States has now fallen to levels not seen since before the Industrial Revolution. Why productivity growth matters-and what can be done to reverse the slump.

One Nation Under God

by Barbara von der Heydtvia Policy Review
Wednesday, January 1, 1997

Immigrant job-training in New York that's lowering welfare rolls and empowering people.

Profiles in Citizenship

by Aaron Steelmanvia Policy Review
Wednesday, January 1, 1997

Samuel Gompers: A union boss who opposed partisan politics and government regulations.

We the People

by Adam Meyersonvia Policy Review
Sunday, September 1, 1996

Adam Meyerson on a rating system for social-service agencies

Smart Women, Foolish Quotas

by Sally C. Pipesvia Policy Review
Monday, July 1, 1996

The sex appeal of the CCRI

Blessings of Liberty

by John Hoodvia Policy Review
Wednesday, May 1, 1996

America's best job training

Is This the Year?

by Thomas Sowellvia Hoover Digest
Tuesday, April 30, 1996

Hoover fellow Thomas Sowell surveys challenges to affirmative action now taking place throughout the country. "Neither in courts of law nor in the political process can affirmative action stand on its merits."

The Squabble over the Minimum Wage

by David R. Hendersonvia Hoover Digest
Tuesday, April 30, 1996

Why did so many economists back the hike in the minimum wage earlier this year? In part because of a study based on lousy data. Hoover fellow David R. Henderson explains.

The Minimum Wage Was High in the First Place

by Thomas E. MaCurdy, John F. Coganvia Hoover Digest
Tuesday, April 30, 1996

Hoover fellows John F. Cogan and Thomas E. MaCurdy argue that when Congress and the president hiked the minimum wage last summer, they were making a dumb mistake. The hike hurt those it was intended to help and helped those who didn't need it. And the effective minimum wage rate was already at a historic high in the first place.

The California Civil Rights Initiative

by Robert Zelnickvia Hoover Digest
Tuesday, April 30, 1996

ABC News correspondent and Hoover media fellow Bob Zelnick examines the issues at stake and the personalities involved.What does Ward Connerly think of Willie Brown? Read on.


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