Steven Runciman, A History Of The Crusades (Three Volumes, 1951-54)

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Crusades are often invoked, but rarely understood. Runciman’s modern classic remains the benchmark for its objectivity, clarity and literary merit. Of immediate value for military officers and civilian analysts, this work explodes pernicious current myths, while reporting human valor and folly, treachery and brilliance with enthralling narrative style. The reader will be struck not by the antiquity of this Western effort to master the Middle East, but by its uncanny relevance. Essential reading for those who wish to understand today’s crises in the Levant or to counter specious historical claims by political activists or zealots: For two centuries, Crusaders clung to a narrowing strip of terrain along the Mediterranean Coast; Islam occupied great swaths of Europe for 1,200 years.



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