Our theme for this year is “Getting Global Monetary Policy on Track" and it follows up on last year’s theme “How to Get Back on Track," and the previous year’s theme “How Monetary Policy Got Behind the Curve.” A key goal of the conference is to examine how to get back and stay on track and, thereby, how to reduce the inflation rate without slowing down economic growth. This year the key policy issues are largely international, with special discussions of Europe and Asia. This is a policy-oriented conference consisting of formal presentations, policy panels, and in-depth discussions. The conference builds on previous Hoover monetary policy conferences going back many years—you can read about our 15-year milestone here. Background papers will be provided in advance of the conference.

Thursday, May 2, 2024
Time Content Speaker

6:00 – 7:00 PM 



7:00 PM


Read Welcome! Getting Global Monetary Policy on Track

John Taylor, Stanford University (slides)

7:15 PM



Friday, May 3, 2024
Time Content Presenters

7:30 – 8:15 AM



8:15 AM

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Condoleezza Rice, Director, Hoover Institution

8:30 AM


Luis Garicano, London School of Economics, and Klaus Masuch, Directorate General Economics of the European Central Bank (slides)

Markus Brunnermeier, Princeton University (slides)

Yuriy Gorodnichenko, University of California, Berkeley (slides)

Luigi Bocola, Stanford University (slides)

Chair: Michael Bordo, Rutgers University

9:45 AM

Global/Emerging Markets

Read Dollarization as an Effective Commitment Device with Time Inconsistency Disease and Institutional Anomie: The Case of Argentina

Emilio Ocampo, Universidad del CEMA (slides)

Juan Pablo Nicolini, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and Universidad Di Tella (slides)

Zhiguo He, Stanford University (slides)

Ross Levine, Stanford University (slides)

Chair: Peter Henry, Stanford University

11:00 AM


11:15 AM

Financial Regulation and Monetary Policy

Read The Independence of Central Bank

Amit Seru, Stanford University (slides)

Darrell Duffie, Stanford University (slides)

Christina Parajon Skinner, University of Pennsylvania (slides)

Carolyn Wilkins, Bank of England (slides)

Chair: Stephen Haber, Stanford University

12:30 - 1:45 PM

Luncheon Address: Lane Drifting: Remarks at the Hoover Monetary Policy Conference

Hester Peirce, Securities and Exchange Commission (speech)

1:45 PM



2:00 PM

Employment Dynamics, Labor Markets, Phillips Curve, and Inflation

Steven Davis, Stanford University (slides)

Marianna Kudlyak, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (slides)

Emi Nakamura, University of California, Berkeley (slides)
(source 1)(source 2)

Chair: Valerie Ramey, Stanford University

3:15 PM

The Next Strategy Reviews

Read The Fed’s Strategic Approach to Monetary Policy Needs a Reboot

Read Thoughts on Fed Policy and the Fed’s Framework

Athanasios Orphanides, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (slides)

Mickey Levy and Charles Plosser, Shadow Open Market Committee (slides)

Jón Steinsson, University of California, Berkeley (slides)

Lawrence Summers, Harvard University (slides)

Chair: John Cochrane, Stanford University

4:30 PM


4:45 PM Policy Panel

Amir Yaron, Governor, Bank of Israel (slides)

Austan Goolsbee, President, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (speech)

John Williams, President, Federal Reserve Bank of New York (speech)

Chair: John Taylor, Stanford University

6:00 - 6:30 PM


6:30 PM

Dinner Address: Milton Friedman and the Second Wave of the Great Inflation, 1976-1980

Read Milton Friedman and the Second Wave of the Great Inflation, 1976−1980

Edward Nelson, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (slides)


This conference is by invitation only.

If you have any questions about the event, contact Marie-Christine Slakey at slakey@stanford.edu.

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