Hoover Institution Summer Policy Boot Camp | Director's Award

Capping off an intensive week-long study and discussion of the core principles and tools of public policy at the Hoover Institution Summer Policy Boot Camp, students are invited to apply their knowledge by researching and developing a policy proposal. Following the principles of Hoover scholarship, the proposals emphasize a specific recommendation using facts, data, and well-constructed arguments. The papers summarize the significance of the new policy and the expected result.

After review of each submission, Hoover Senior Fellows and Boot Camp Co-Directors Scott Atlas and Josh Rauh recognize participants each year with the Hoover Institution Summer Policy Boot Camp Director’s Award based on their outstanding work. The winning proposals demonstrate particular creativity in addressing complex policy issues.

Below please find a link to winning submissions from past years.


Turning the Page on the War on Drugs: A Balanced Approach to Bending the Curve of the Overdose Epidemic
By Connor Kubeisy, University of California–Berkeley

The Case for State-Based Work Visas
By Chaston Pfingston, Carnegie Mellon University

The Politics of Debt: A Plea for Fiscal Responsibility
By Marc Sabatier Hvidkjær, political science student at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Less Can Be More When Regulating Deepfakes
By Timothy Anderson, Stanford University

Introducing a Modified Good Samaritan Reduced-Price Mechanism to Combat Hunger and Food Waste
By Wenhao Winston Du, Vanderbilt University

Bad Seeds: A Case against Federal Farm Subsidies
By Nicholas G. Sileo, Princeton University

A Local Approach to the Opioid Epidemic
By Kaila Webb, Wellesley College


Reforming Land Use Regulations through Conditional Federalism
By Justin Hatherly, McGill University

Developing a Strategic Partnership with Poland to Enhance Deterrence against Russia
By Chelsea C. Michta, University of Cambridge

Clean Affordable Transportation for Our Future
By Shane Reed, University of Michigan


Modernizing Health Care Regulations to Lower the Costs of Medical Services
By Kishan Bhatt, Princeton University

Sanctioning Ships and Slush Funds: Countering North Korea’s Illicit Maritime Trade
By Brian J. Liu, University of Pennsylvania

Revisiting “Too Big to Fail”: A Better Approach for Regulating Systemic Risk
By John McDonough, U.S. Treasury, Office of Financial Research

Strengthening Intellectual Property Rights
By Austin W. McLaughlin, Cornell University

Countering Russian Propaganda While Providing Local- Language Services in the V4
By Danni Ondraskova, Wellesley College

Instituting PLOP to Help Shore Up the RSA
By Davis Parker, University of Georgia

The Director’s Award is awarded to the top essays submitted each year, with the selections based on participation during the program and the written policy proposal. The honor of completion “with distinction” is awarded to all other students who submit a satisfactory Policy Proposal Assignment. Winners of the Director’s Award are invited to attend a Hoover Institution board meeting and will receive a monetary award.

** Disclaimer: The winning proposals do not reflect the views of the Hoover Institution, Hoover Institution fellows, Stanford University, or the Hoover Institution Summer Policy Boot Camp program directors. The award is based on intellectual merit, as judged by the Hoover Institution Summer Policy Boot Camp program directors.



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