Hoover Institution (Washington, DC) — The Hoover Institution launched its new Ideas Uncorked series on April 18 with a talk in Washington by Shepard Family Distinguished Visiting Fellow Kevin Warsh entitled “Uncle Sam’s Guide to Peace and Prosperity.”

Ideas Uncorked is a new event that combines a happy hour and a policy talk by a leading Hoover Institution scholar, complete with California wines.

Warsh spoke to attendees at Hoover’s Washington, DC, offices about his ideas for a new fiscal, diplomatic, and trade agenda for the United States.

In his Wall Street Journal op-ed of the same name, Warsh writes that the United States cannot underwrite a new framework for global security without also getting its fiscal house in order. He says that America’s adversaries observe its domestic struggles with inflation, deficits, and other economic woes and interpret them as weakness.

He urges that policy leaders build “a new economic and security commons” for the world, not through command-and-control statism but by unleashing the private sector, establishing more disciplined monetary policy, and pursuing a combination of diplomatic, trade, and traditional “hard” power efforts.

In upcoming Ideas Uncorked talks, Peter Berkowitz will discuss “Israel, Internal Strife, War, and Resilience” on May 9. On June 26, Jacquelyn Schneider will discuss AI and wargaming.

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