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The Public Revolution Private Money Could Cause

by Terry M. Moevia Hoover Digest
Sunday, January 30, 2000

School vouchers offer an unprecedented opportunity to improve educational opportunities for children in our inner cities. So why does the left oppose them? By Hoover fellow Terry M. Moe.

Political Environmentalism: Going behind the Green Curtain

via Books by Hoover Fellows
Saturday, January 1, 2000

Documenting a range of examples, Anderson and his contributors boldly confront specific environmental laws, asking whether they were motivated by environmental or strictly political concerns, whether they are cost-effective, and whether they generate effective or perverse results.


The Moldovans: Romania, Russia, and the Politics of Culture

by Charles Kingvia Hoover Institution Press
Monday, December 20, 1999

A study in the politics and culture of the Moldovans. The first English-language book to present a complete picture of this intriguing East European borderland, The Moldovans: Romania, Russia, and the Politics of Culture, illuminates the perennial problems of identity politics and cultural change that the country has endured.

Analysis and Commentary

Education: The New Civil Rights Frontier

by E. Donald Hirsch Jr.via Hoover Daily Report
Monday, November 22, 1999

Apologists for the public schools continue to blame the achievement gap between groups on social pathologies and shortcomings in the innate abilities of entire groups.

Capitalist Culture

by David R. Hendersonvia Hoover Digest
Saturday, October 30, 1999

Capitalism may make us all rich, but what does it do for our cultural life? According to Hoover fellow David R. Henderson, quite a lot.

How to Police the Police

by Joseph D. McNamaravia Hoover Digest
Saturday, October 30, 1999

Do aggressive police tactics reduce crime in our largest cities? Despite what you may have heard, Hoover fellow Joseph D. McNamara argues, they don’t. An urban myth exposed.

The Day Cornell Died

by Thomas Sowellvia Hoover Digest
Saturday, October 30, 1999

As gun-wielding black students seized control of a campus building in April 1969, Cornell University descended into anarchy. An account thirty years later by Hoover fellow Thomas Sowell, who was teaching at Cornell at the time.

My Luncheon with Bono

by Robert J. Barrovia Hoover Digest
Saturday, October 30, 1999

It’s not every day that a professor of economics gets invited to dine with a rock star. Hoover fellow Robert J. Barro on meeting a superstar who proved pleasant, well meaning—and surprisingly well versed in economics.

When Discrimination Makes Sense

by Dinesh D’Souzavia Hoover Digest
Saturday, October 30, 1999

Police have been known to stop suspects because of their race, and cabdrivers have been known to refuse riders for the same reason. According to Hoover media fellow Dinesh D’Souza, we should outlaw the one but permit the other.

On the Cover

by Elena Danielsonvia Hoover Digest
Saturday, October 30, 1999

Hoover archivist Elena S. Danielson describes the origins of the art on the front cover.


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