The Hoover Institution Education Summit was held on March 9-10, 2022 at Stanford University. The convening of this inaugural event comes at a critical inflection point in K-12 education as the COVID-19 pandemic exposed an education system that is ripe with opportunity for reform. The event showcased the broad base of support that exists for bringing new ideas and energy into K-12 education in our country. The program was designed to engage and foster fact-based critical thinking through interactive sessions on the most important policy issue of the day – educating our children and educating them well.

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"A New Day for Education Work"

Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Director of the Hoover Institution and the Thomas and Barbara Stephenson Senior Fellow on Public Policy, has both the lived experience of disparities in opportunities and a global perspective about the value of high quality education. Her personal story reflects much of the deep divisions that have plagued US K-12 education for decades. The decision to aim for a larger and more influential scope of education research and policy analysis comes at a decisive moment in American political and social life. Her commitment to building the fellowship and promoting evidence-based solutions in collaboration with old and new partners forms the motivation and foundation for the sessions of the conference. The session was moderated by Margaret “Macke” Raymond, Summit Moderator and Program Director for Education, and Distinguished Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution.

Introductory Remarks And A Message From Education Leaders

Introductory remarks by Margaret “Macke” Raymond, Summit Moderator and Program Director for Education, and Distinguished Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution. The Hoover Institution stands with a large number of passionate, driven experts and leaders all working to improve the US K-12 public education system. How do they view the landscape? What ideas are they pursuing to create better outcomes for students? How will they know if the changes they are working towards have hit the mark? Many of the top experts shared their ideas in this video montage to stimulate and energize attendees of the program and answered the questions, "What are the biggest challenges facing US K–12 Education?" and "What are the meaningful changes that need to be enacted in the US K–12 education system?"

"What are the Stakes? A Global Perspective?"

A conversation with Eric Hanushek, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution and Yidan Prize Laureate for Education Research, and Andreas Schleicher, Director of Education, OECD . The US is not alone in confronting serious education challenges. How vital is improvement of education systems to public and economic welfare?

Making Change in Public Education

A conversation with Reed Hastings, Founder and CEO of Netflix and Education Philanthropist, and Hoover Institution Director Condoleezza Rice. Changing a system as extensive and entrenched as public education demands shrewd insight, commitment for the long haul, fortitude to weather the journey and gravitas to be a beacon of resolve.

"This Moment in Time"

A conversation on the current state of education with John McWhorter, Associate Professor at Columbia University.

"Action and Activism"

It takes an army to change enduring systems. How do you lead an Education Change Organization year over year and maintain focus, drive and fidelity? What are the essential ingredients for leadership? How do you prevent mission creep or implementation drift? How do you build coalitions to guide and support the work?

Featuring a panel discussion with:
- Myrna Castrejon, CEO, California Charter Schools Association
- Romy Drucker, Director – K-12 Education Program, Walton Family Foundation
- Russlynn Ali, Managing Director of the Education Fund at Emerson Collective and CEO and co-founder of the XQ Institute

"Reimagine for What?"

Our country is no better than the education we provide for our most marginalized citizens. Parents in Detroit, Michigan have the same hopes and dreams for their children as everyone else. But their children have received some of the worst education in the nation. Years of careful attention and advocacy have garnered derision and scorn from the district administration and school board. The response to COVID provided the last straw for Bernita and many of her community. Supported by the National Parents Union, Engaged Detroit has forged an alternate solution for children in the city, drawing fire from the same district that refused to meet their needs. Bernita’s group is not unique, but exemplifies the necessary lengths that are now required if parents are to ensure quality education for their children. This experience foreshadows the real possibilities of mass exit from US schools.

"Where Do We Go From Here?"

The schools we had at the start of the pandemic will not be sufficient to address the academic and holistic needs of students moving forward. What are the stakes for students, communities and the nation? What will it take to bring solutions to the students who need it the most? How does the work of scholars at Hoover contribute to the path forward?

Featuring a panel discussion with:
- Chester Finn, Jr., President Emeritus and Senior Advisor, Fordham Institute and Hoover Senior Fellow
- Caroline Hoxby, Scott and Donya Bommer Professor in Economics, Stanford University and Hoover Senior Fellow
- Paul Peterson, Shattuck Professor of Political Science, Harvard University and Hoover Senior Fellow
- Daniel Schwartz, Moderator, I. James Quillen Dean and Nomellini & Olivier Professor of Educational Technology at Stanford Graduate School of Education

Also featuring a large number of passionate, driven experts and leaders all working to improve the US K-12 public education system in a video montage, these top experts shared their ideas answering the question, "What does successful reform look like 10 years from now?"

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