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The Ten Causes of the Reagan Boom

by Martin Andersonvia Hoover Digest
Thursday, April 30, 1998

With the exception of a brief lull at the beginning of the 1990s, the American economy has spent the last fifteen years undergoing dramatic growth. Hoover fellow Martin Anderson knows why.

What Caused the Crash?

by Charles Wolf Jr.via Hoover Digest
Thursday, April 30, 1998

Those who championed the so-called Asian development model thought bureaucrats could make better economic decisions than the marketplace. They were . . . mistaken. Hoover fellow Charles Wolf Jr. explains what went wrong and how to fix it.

Milton Friedman, Soothsayer

by Peter Brimelow, Milton Friedmanvia Hoover Digest
Thursday, April 30, 1998

Boom? Bust? Inflation? Deflation? Nobel laureate and Hoover fellow Milton Friedman peers into the future, making predictions on price levels in the United States, stagnation in Japan, and the new currency in Europe. A freewheeling discussion with Hoover media fellow Peter Brimelow.

How Fares the American Worker?

by David R. Hendersonvia Hoover Digest
Thursday, April 30, 1998

Conventional wisdom says real income for American workers has stagnated or even fallen. Hoover fellow David R. Henderson says think again.

Let Microsoft Compete

by Gary S. Beckervia Hoover Digest
Thursday, April 30, 1998

The antitrust division of the Department of Justice consists of a few thousand lawyer s. The market for computer software consists of tens of millions of consumers. Which do you think is better equipped to discipline Microsoft? Nobel laureate and Hoover fellow Gary S. Becker on why the feds should back off.

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Free Trade Helps, Not Hurts, Social Programs

by Melvyn B. Kraussvia Hoover Digest
Thursday, April 30, 1998

Opponents argued that the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, would start a "race to the bottom," forcing the United States to lower its environmental standards to equal those in Mexico and forcing Canada to lower its welfare payments to equal those in the United States. Four years later, Hoover fellow Melvyn Krauss notes that neither race ever got started.

Japanese Monetary Policy in the Driver's Seat

Reviving Japan

by Milton Friedmanvia Hoover Digest
Thursday, April 30, 1998

Nobel laureate and Hoover fellow Milton Friedman gives the Bank of Japan step-by-step instructions for resuscitating the Japanese economy. A monetary kiss of life.

The Myth of a Russian Dictatorship

by Michael McFaulvia Hoover Digest
Thursday, April 30, 1998

Western analysts portray the Russian government as a virtual dictatorship. Hoover fellow Michael A. McFaul dissents. It would be an odd dictatorship, he argues, that found itself thwarted by a legislature or pushed around by a free press.

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How the Tigers Lost Their Tale

by Michael J. Boskinvia Hoover Digest
Thursday, April 30, 1998

The tale of Southeast Asia has been one of unremitting economic success—until now. Hoover fellow and former Chairman of the president's Council of Economic Advisers Michael J. Boskin on what went wrong and what it means for the United States.

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Send Me Your Skilled, Your Trained, Your Electrical Engineers . . .

by Joseph B. Costello, Lance Director Nagelvia Hoover Digest
Thursday, April 30, 1998

Ever heard of an H-1B visa? You would have if you worked in high tech. Hoover fellow Nicholas Imparato joins Joseph B. Costello and Lance Director Nagel in arguing that the computer industry needs immigrants—lots of them.


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