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Steve Forbes: Private Equity And Job Creation - What The Liberals Conveniently Overlook

cited Steven J. Davisvia Yahoo Finance
Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Good news doesn’t get attention the way bad news does. That sad truth explains most reporters’ knack for spotting the lone cloud on an otherwise bright horizon.

Analysis and Commentary

Gordon Tullock's Generosity

by David R. Hendersonvia EconLog
Tuesday, November 12, 2019

One of the delights I had on my trip to Boise State University last week was getting to know my host Allen Dalton, an adjunct economics professor at BSU. Besides having great economics discussions, we had good discussions, mainly positive, about various economists we know in common.

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Environmental Markets: A Property Rights Approach With Terry Anderson

by Terry Andersonvia PolicyEd
Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Free market environmentalism is a property rights-oriented approach that improves environmental quality and achieves more conservation than traditional regulation.

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A Complicated Villain: Is Elizabeth Warren Right About Private Equity?

cited Steven J. Davisvia ProMarket
Monday, November 11, 2019

America will always have a love-hate relationship with its wealthy financiers, but lately there has been a resurgence of interest in the private equity industry. In HBO’s Silicon Valley, for example, venture capital partner Laurie Bream is a ruthless automaton who runs on egg whites and green beans; in Succession, another HBO hit, private equity prodigy Stewy Hosseini is too untouchable to bother concealing his cocaine habit. Whether through mechanical indifference or supreme arrogance, private equity investors can strike fear in the hearts of even the grizzliest CEOs.

Analysis and Commentary

Duflo And Banerjee's Deficient Thinking On Incentives, Part II

by David R. Hendersonvia EconLog
Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Last week, I wrote Part I of my critique of a recent long article in the New York Times by new Nobel Prize in economics winners Esther Duflo and Abhijit Banerjee of MIT. The op/ed is titled “Economic Incentives Don’t Always Do What We Want Them To,” New York Times, October 26, 2019. This is Part II of the critique.


Is Economic Winter Coming?

by Raghuram Rajanvia Project Syndicate
Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Now that the old rules governing macroeconomic cycles no longer seem to apply, it remains to be seen what might cause the next recession in the United States. But if recent history is our guide, the biggest threat stems not from the US Federal Reserve or any one sector of the economy, but rather from the White House.

Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman
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Milton Friedman's Arguments Will Never Age

quoting Milton Friedman, George P. Shultzvia The Washington Examiner
Monday, November 11, 2019

At the top of a steep hill here stands a green hexagonal cottage. Milton Friedman, who built it in the 1960s, used to look out, as I am looking now, over the slopes that stretch in every direction, thick with pine and birch and maple. Perhaps the great free market economist mused, even in those earliest days of eco-activism, on how prosperity boosts the natural ecology.


Warren Buffett, Taxing Capital Income Is A Bad Idea

by Lee Ohanianvia The Hill
Monday, November 11, 2019

In 2011, superstar investor Warren Buffett made headlines not for his investment recommendations but for his opinion that tax rates on high earners should substantially increase.

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Trump’s Economy Has Been A Boon To Minorities And Other Commentary

quoting Victor Davis Hansonvia The New York Post
Sunday, November 10, 2019

Karl Smith at Bloomberg offers a “reasonable explanation” for the upward drift in President Trump’s approval ratings over the past two years: “The economic expansion has been particularly beneficial for minority workers.” Jobless rates for African Americans, Hispanics and Asians are all at “historic” lows.

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As Recession Threat Fades, President Trump Grows Optimistic Economy Can Propel Reelection Bid

quoting Kevin Hassettvia The Washington Post
Friday, November 8, 2019
In late October, President Trump spoke with one of his top advisers after reading reports of election forecasting models that predict a win for him based on the economy’s performance.


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